using the fascino effect

Reaching a Deal

Sales professionals learn by doing and being coached. The FASCINO effect is a sales simulation, using professional actors as customers, with learning modules interspersed. You can select which modules are most appropriate for your sales people from such topics as (or we can design bespoke modules especially for your sales cycle):

  • Commercial Acumen

  • Corporate Financial Awareness

  • Account Planning/ Management

  • Effective Questioning Technique

  • Closing Solutions

  • Authentic Negotiation

  • Overcoming Objection & Resistance

  • Understanding Customer Psychology

How does it work?

You select the modules you would like your sales people to learn and the whole programme will focus around putting these skills into a practical context using our simulation. Typically, we will have a workshop day to understand the techniques, followed by a simulation day to focus on putting them into practice. In each simulation day, your sales people are observed by our coaches who, using our innovative and objective behavioural analysis observation, record the performance of each person.


How does the simulation work?

Fascino is our purpose-built organisation. Sales people are encouraged to research it, identify commercial and financial opportunities before meeting key employees. Using actors that have been in senior leadership roles across functions such as:

  • CEO / MD

  • Operations

  • CIO/ IT

  • Sales/ Marketing

  • HR

Your sales people meet with, and sell to the 'panel' of customers, whilst being observed by our coaches. This simulation can be completed in teams or individually.


We observe and record

The observations (usually there are a minimum of two) are then consolidated into a personal report, used by the coach to provide valuable feedback on performance, and issued to both the sales person and their line manager. Customer feedback is also recorded.



We provide comprehensive feedback

Using visual dials (see example below)

our reports are valuable to your sales

teams in terms of:

  • Personal, professional feedback

  • Feedback for managers to assess competence levels

  • Provision of valuable data used for personal development planning

  • Team data to assess where strengths and weaknesses lie

Customer feedback.png
Politician News Interview
Meeting feedback.png
Dial feedback.png