Professional Development

Certain skills are relevant to any role, at any level of the organisation. Whilst we specialise in leadership development, some of our skill development events are equally appropriate for others in the organisation. Some of these skills are listed below as an example of what we can offer:


Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify your own and other peoples’ emotions. Our actions are the result of both a logical and an emotional reaction – this module helps us to understand our emotions that drive what we do, leading to an improvement of personal performance. 


Based on the research of Dr Moulton Marston, founder of the DISC /Social Styles theory. This helps people identify the characteristics of each personality type, understand the needs that drive individuals and identifies how to communicate more effectively with each style. 


Reviewing stress in the workplace as a result of workloads and time pressures, staff well-being issues, relationship problems between colleagues, stress through external accountability etc. This module provides practical support.


When does assertiveness become aggressive? Are people born assertive? Can anyone develop an assertive style? Using Eric Byrne’s transactional analysis, these questions and more are answered through this module as we identify how individuals are influenced to change (or adopt your) views and the part that an assertive style has to play in the process. 


A workshop providing tips and techniques for those presenters that suffer from high levels of stress and nervousness prior to the delivery of a presentation. The workshop is equally valuable for those that deliver at conferences as it is for those that deliver to small groups. 


Where does the time go? How is it that we always seem to have too much on our plate? This workshop addresses the modern issue facing us of where to focus our time and effort for maximum impact, when there are so many demands on us. Structure your day/ week/ month and learn the skills required to be disciplined to maintain a plan.