Learning Development

Based on the book by Jonathan R. Smith. Click on the title to view.


Does your training have objective delivery standards? Whether classroom or digital delivery, CRECIMIENTO work to help organisations assess and improve impact in learning through delivery quality. We have designed a scientific, objective approach to observing training delivery that is ground-breaking and all of our associates are certified in our approach. In this manner, we can assure quality standards of our own people, whilst also working with you to certify yours too.


When back at the workplace, is the learning used? How do you know it is used effectively? This is the part where managers can help ensure that the employees do it right first time and CRECIMIENTO work with your leaders to embed the learning into daily routines..


CRECIMIENTO measure the effect and impact of your learning by ensuring that measurement is in place before we start the design phase. The basis of measurement can be both anecdotal and numerical.


In the 1980s and '90s all learning was conducted in a classroom. In the 2000s we moved into an age of e-Learning. In the 2010s we saw a rise of 'Blended Learning' combining both types. All of these forms were prescribed, formal forms of learning. But nowadays, the modern learner has broken free from the need to wait for a workshop, or for the LMS to offer a new e-Learning module. We simply 'Google' it! or we search for a YouTube video to show us how to do it. This rightly makes organisations nervous because the control over what people believe to be true and best practice has gone. We therefor work with organisations to provide apps that support the learning via a smartphone, tablet or laptop, giving employees access to learning wherever and whenever they need it.


How do your employees learn best? Is a workshop the most effective option? What digital learning do you offer? Does your organisation look beyond e-Learning to the needs of the millennial learner? CRECIMIENTO can guide you through this process and bring your L&D team to the cutting edge of technology.